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dog water fountain pets
dog water fountain pets
dog water fountain pets
dog water fountain pets
dog water fountain pets
dog water fountain pets

dog water fountain

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Ultimate drinking tool

Simple in its design, this device will keep your four-legged friends happy any time they go outside! You can install it easily in any preferred location thanks to a convenient 40.5’’ universal hose. 

Always fresh water

No more stagnant water that is open to contaminants in your pet’s drinking bowl – this water fountain provides fresh water, which is safer and more sanitary. 

Step-on mechanism

Each time your pet steps on the pedal, this interactive fountain dispenses water. And don’t worry – thanks to a strong copper valve there will be no leakage! Moreover, you can regulate the flow and adjust it to your dog’s needs. 

Playtime and training

This device is perfect for outdoor fun and training. Your dog will be entertained by such unusual way of getting water, as well as will learn a new trick. 

Customer Reviews

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25 customer reviews
  • Jessica Price
    19 Aug 2020
    Overall, this is a great idea for a product and it works great. The only negative thing is that the water is hot when it first comes out of the fountain due to it being in the sun. Once the water that has been sitting in the hose runs though, it’s cold and it’s great. I do realize this has nothing to do with the fountain itself. It’s just something I need to figure out how to fix. It does take some time for my dog to get the hang of it but I do love the concept of it.
  • William Schneider
    19 Aug 2020
    Product works great! Keeps my dogs supplied with fresh water constantly. Very pleased.
  • Jane Dean
    19 Aug 2020
    The dogs love it! They picked up on how to work it in minutes. They flip it all over and it holds up great! I would highly recommend this to others.
  • Helen Elliott
    19 Aug 2020
    Sturdy, works great. Now I just need to get to teach my dogs to drink out of it without me putting my foot on the peddle.
  • Nicholas Porter
    19 Aug 2020
    Best thing ever. Harry got the hang of it so quick and now I don’t have to play hose with him, he can do it himself!
  • Peter Williamson
    18 Aug 2020
    Very good quality and easy to assemble. My dog loves it! Worth the money
  • Christian Ray
    18 Aug 2020
    My dog loves it, water pressure is great, easy to assemble.
  • Samantha Parker
    18 Aug 2020
    From the minute it was assembled, my pup LOVES this! Thought he would have a hard time figuring it out, but he took to it right away. MAKE SURE you’re home to let your pup out to pee A LOT after he/she uses the fountain or you‘ll have some accidents to clean up in the house. They drink a lot of water when they use this so don’t be upset if they have to urinate a lot! I only let my pup use the sprinkler for 10-15 minutes, or so, because I don’t want to mess up his potassium levels and cause a trip to the vet, or worse. Check with your vet on safe time periods for your pup to use the sprinkler.
  • Christine Thomas
    18 Aug 2020
    I like the design very much! Hoping my dog will get the hang of it. It is exactly what I’ve been looking for!
  • Frank Bowman
    18 Aug 2020
    My dog loved his new toy, played for hours at a time. However, he kept picking up the stepper by the hose and puncture a hose in it. We tried to repair it, with no luck, but I was determined to get another one and come up with something.
  • Jack Carr
    18 Aug 2020
    Good product, cute design, fast shipping. Unfortunately I have an english bulldog that is 10 years old. I know when she was young she would have been motivated enough to play with this item all day long. She is a very low energy dog and gets exhausted going for a 200 yard walk. She did enjoy me sitting there with her pushing the paddle for hours at a time but she did not have an interest in doing the work to get the water to discharge. Even though this product was not for my bulldog it may work great for you.
  • Donald Rivera
    18 Aug 2020
    My buddy, Foster, loves water! Normally, in the summer, I will go outside with him and hold the hose up and let him chase the water. He loves it but I can't do that as often as I'd like so the product is definitely what he needed.
  • Keith Gilbert
    18 Aug 2020
    Looks and feel sturdy! My dog is obsessed with hose water so it only took him 2 - 15 minute sessions to learn how to keep his paw on top. Still working on him not jumping once the water comes up.
  • Judith Wong
    18 Aug 2020
    Constant supply of fresh water. Our dog will bark to go outside just to use it instead of water bowl inside. One downside is that they only last about a year. I've had 3 of them and the first 2 would eventually not turn off. The dog loves it so much, and he learned how to use it in a day or 2, that I don't mind buying a new one each year. 4 stars because they should last longer.
  • Nancy Lynch
    18 Aug 2020
    My Shepherd Sammy loves this! We got it for him because he loves playing in the hose. He figured it out in about 15 minutes. All we did was keep pushing his paw down on it so he would see that this made fun water come out!
  • Arthur Franklin
    18 Aug 2020
    Best dog toy ever! Our dog loves it. The construction is solid with all metal and no plastic parts. A bit of pressure and the water released. If your dog likes water, this is the toy to purchase for hours of fun!
  • Gary Wright
    18 Aug 2020
    I was looking for a drinking hose/fountain for my dog and came across this one. It arrived yesterday and was very easy to hook up the hose. It will take a little patience and training but my dog loves it!
  • William Black
    20 May 2020
    Easy to install, easy to use by my pups. Fresh water whenever they want it! Love it!
  • Zachary Schultz
    14 May 2020
    Great product, easy to assemble. Sturdy enough for an energetic GSD!
  • Benjamin Cook
    16 Apr 2020
    This product is great for fresh outdoor water for my dog. It does take some training for her to activate it herself. I love that she has fresh water when she needs it.
  • Brandon Howell
    20 Mar 2020
    Product met my expectations. Cool design, good quality, fast delivery. Thanks to the seller!
  • Stephanie Nguyen
    15 Mar 2020
    Dogs love it!!!! Took about 2 minutes to show them how to use it.
  • Russell Powell
    29 Feb 2020
    Our Boxer pup LOVES this drinking fountain. Easy to use! They learn pretty quickly how to operate it. No more changing dirty water bowls. We love it.
  • Evelyn Henry
    15 Feb 2020
    It’s great but my dogs are scared haha. Slowly getting there.
  • Teresa Harvey
    1 Jan 2020
    Really easy to put together, great fun to watch and enjoy

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